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Author: Pheonarx

Date: September 10th, 2018

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Silo

Expansion Pak: Yes

Created by Pheonarx.

This is my sixth level in the story. The true finale.


Level and Setup : Pheonarx

Special Thanks/Credits:
-Carnivorous : Custom functions, helped with UV work and keeping me enthusastic about wanting to do better.

-Zoinkity : For the Spectrum Emulation patch and Expansion Pak patch.

-SubDrag : GF64 Hazmat Model (re-textured)

-Luke : "What's a goldeneye?"

-Zomboman: ??? Boss voice and face texture.


To install just apply the xdelta patch in the setup editor.

If you're using a new build of Project64, disable (Use 32 Bit Engine), causes floating point issues.

Hope you all enjoy!


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