Infiltration 1.1
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Author: ShiftClick

Date: March 29, 2013

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Runway


[Goldeneye 007 Custom Level]

Level: Infiltration
Modified Level: Runway

Author: ShiftClick [moc.liamg|7991321bhc#moc.liamg|7991321bhc]

Date: March 29th 2013
Edited: January 23rd, 2018 (by Wreck)

GameShark Codes Required: None (besides Codelist for uploading to console)

Comments: This is just a little short rework of Runway to fit into my unfolding story.
The thought of Runway being a modified level can make you think that it's a piece of cake,
but this one can be a bit challenging if your not
using cover. Have fun and always, thanks for playing!


Background: After his rescue from the prison in Russia, Daniel White has told MI6 all he knows.
The group that is behind all of this is known as the XDel group.
They have constructed a base on Banks Island in Canada, a highly remote region.
You are being sent in to infiltrate the base from a service runway.

M: From what Daniel has told us, the guards won't be fooling around.
You'll be infiltrating the base from a runway, so there won't be much cover. Good Luck.

Q: Look out for a tough bodygaurd named Shirah though. She has been seen guarding the entrance to the base.

MoneyPenny:Be sure to get me a picture of some caribou James.


Edit notes…
Switched out erroneous intro swirl with Statue clone.
Corrected key rename data.
Added location intro text to camera.
Removed action block to show location on intro.
Edited briefing and objective text.
Guard armour reduced by 25%.
Control building door now uses one-way lock.


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