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Author: TimEh

Date: June 9, 2009

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Dam


name: Island
author: TimEh (moc.liamtoh|_maieroferehtknihti#moc.liamtoh|_maieroferehtknihti)
type: Singleplayer
map: Dam
tools: SoftImage|XSI mod version,
Hammer Editor

This is a full conversion of the level Dam

My best times: (without a n64 controller)
Agent: 1:59
Secret Agent: 2:04
00 Agent: 2:17

How to play:

Apply the patch with the GE setup editor. Select Dam as the map. Then start it.


Use Glide64 video plugin for the best results. Jabo's and others will work but sky and sunstreaks wont appear correctly, which totaly ruins the visual experience.

Known Issues:

Many textures have incorrect U/V's. After painstakingly fixing over 50 of the more important U/v's by hex editor, I figured I'd just stretch the rest out.

Any mountain face that slants inward has a good chance you can slightly walk through it. Im not fixing every little clip tile. Faulty clip tiles allowing you to leave them altogether have been fixed (so i think) and im going to leave it at that.

some rooms dont line up perfectly. so what.

Hostage/Agent is pretty stupid and do to some path bug on occasion he will run to the sample room and run in circles. As long as you save him and he stays alive you can complete the mission.

probably much more but it will play from front to back, and thats all i care about at this point

Additional stuff:

1/2 the map done in hammer: +6600 polys
full map in XSI: -2700 polys
full map with light cuts: 3113 polys

So what shouldve taken 2 weekends has now been a month and a half. Made the map in one day in hammer. Spent a day taking away more than half the polys in XSI. Clipping and portal work in a couple hours. Add on redoin the clipping another 2 times due to corrupting it. And after splitting into more rooms, redoing portals and relinking clip tiles to rooms. At this point the setup file was complete but.. ya u guessed it. totaly corrupted that and started from scratch. So at this point i started doing backups. But still it was the pattern of 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I could go on about the headaches making this but its time for me to send it out and take a much needed break away from the computer. Oh, and if you are ever bored and you are sick of watching grass grow and paint dry. let me introduce you to shadowing vertices one by one.



File nameFile typeSize
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