Janus Silo
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Author: GERage

Date: April 1, 2008

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Silo


Level: Janus Silo
Modified Level: Silo
GS Codes: None, except code list for uploading to console

Description: Foil Janus's plans to launch nuclear missiles in this sequel to the Janus Nuclear Facility.

Known Issues:
1. Framerate drops around places with lots of guards. Killing them improves it.
2. Sometimes the screen flickers blue when entering a room.

A. Recover stolen items (A)
B. Reprogram missile guidance (A)
C. Destroy regular missiles (SA)
D. Defeat Trevelyan (A)
E. Save hostage (A)

The download should contain the following files….


File nameFile typeSize
image.jpgJPEG image data39.3 kBInfo
janussilo[gerage].zipZip archive data2.87 MBInfo


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