KAIENTAI Frigate 1.1
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Author: Midnight Kitteh

Date: May 30, 2012

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Frigate


Level: Taka's Frigate
Modified Level: Frigate
Date: May 30th, 2012
Edited: December 7th, 2017 (by Wreck)

GS Codes:None, except code list for uploading to console.

a)Eliminate Kaientai Elite's*(agent)
b)Destroy Ship Engine(secret agent)
c)Find Safe Keys*(agent)
d)Locate Hidden Base(agent)

After escaping from the Yoshida Dam Taka has rounded up his forces on board a Frigate currently located in the Korea bay, two miles North-west of Sinuiji. Our satellite imagery shows the ship is heading towards Dalian where Taka seems to have a plan to take out one of his mortal enemies a princess from Hong Kong, Ho Hsien-Ku.*
M Briefing;
007 if Taka and his Militia reach Dalian the princess's life will be in serious Danger. Special Duties units from Hong Kong have been deployed to the area with permission from the Chinese Government to protect her. Any loss of Chinese civilians could lead to a huge international incident.*
Q Briefing;
No real gadgets I can send out there to you Bond, although the Chinese have thankfully agreed not to proceed with Military action there is no telling what the Government of Pyongyang would do if they knew any intelligence was in the area.*
Taka has deployed his elite troops on board his Frigate James, please be careful after all i would rather it be with me than the with the fishes you will be sleeping with.*
This Download should have all of the following files:

Third mission from my original series, remade and edited to work effectively. New story and similar layout. The mission taking Focus on a possible alligence between North Korean Authorities and Criminal organisation Kaientai.

Known Issues;

Thanks To;
SubDrag, Wreck, Scorpion and Dragonsbretheren for;
1). The idea for the level.(Wreck)
2).The help with the objective problem.(SubDrag, Dragonsbretheren, Wreck, Scorpion)
3). The ending Scene Takeoff(Dragonsbretheren)
4).The countdown idea (Scorpion)
Thank You All :)

Taka's Frigate Copyright Midnight_Kitteh17 aka(Taka Michinoku9.1)

Edit Notes…
Corrected key bitflags to prevent game crashing when guard drops.
Minor text changes.
Renames use bottom line, rather than top line.
All missions unlocked at start of new game.


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