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Author: Zka

Date: March 24th, 2020

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Lair

Expansion Pak: Yes


a) Destroy inlet control consoles
b) Destroy outlet control consoles
c) Eliminate Ourumov
d) Download data from computer

After the death of Dimitri Mishkin, the so thought defence minister, Janus has been operating
with MI6 working on their nerves. An underground lair located in Cuba, is where general Arkady
Ourumov is present. He is responsible for keeping an eye on the assist controls of the GoldenEye.
He must be eliminated.
Q has requested for Bond to use his datathief to download some data from a computer. This can
be useful information about the launch of the space satellite.

- Destroy the control consoles, eliminate Ourumov and download the data from the computer.
MI6 does believe that they are getting closer to Trevelyan and the rest of the Janus members.

Special thanks to:

- Carnivorous/Zoinkity, for the expansion/footsteps patch.

- Carnivorous, for helping with a clipping issue.

- Pheonarx, for testing on real hardware and giving tips.

- People in the N64Vault discord, for giving feedback.

Good luck, stay tuned for the continuation of this story!

~ Zka


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