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Author: Wreck

Date: August 13, 2017

Category: Solo Levels

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Mod: GoldenEye 007 - Mirror Mode
Author: Wreck
Date: August 12th 2017

Have you played the original GoldenEye so many times that it's starting to feel almost too familiar? As though you could plow through the missions while wearing a blindfold? You know the maps so well, that you can draw them out on paper in perfect detail? Well, here's a little something that may scatter your brains a bit. Similar to bonus modes unlockable in many racing games, Mirror Mode flips the levels around in order to throw off your senses. Where you used to turn left down a hallway, will now be right. That armour to the right of the room, will appear on the left. It's enough to mix up even the most veteran of 00 Agents. Can you overcome the confusion and defeat Janus.. again?

Multiplayer mode is also fully functional. It was taken on first, and released separately. The version found in this patch is a little different, however. You'll begin with the stock number of characters and levels. This is to encourage players to actually complete the mission campaign. The levels will unlock as you make progress, and more characters will be added when you put an end to Janus. Also, fights over who gets to be a certain character will resume once more, as you can no longer choose to be the same person. If any of these changes are not to your liking, you can download the old Mirror Multi as its own patch.

So what's been done? Level backgrounds, clipping, setups, monitor images, logos, and just about every object utilized by the game, have been flipped. Characters, hats and weapons, have been left alone, as they are meant to feel like they've been thrust into a mirrored world. Door objects use a special flag that mirrors them, so no edits were necessary for those types of models, either. Practically everything else (non menu related) has been altered, even including your watch. The hour, minute and second hands are inverted, and move counter-clockwise. Just a fun little bonus for players paying close attention.

Special thanks to the following for their contributions…
SubDrag: Custom tools to help things move more quickly, Bunker "eye" fix, logo info, and the Editor.
Pavarini: Inverting plane and chopper animations, plus Bond's dive off the Cradle platform.
Zoinkity: Backwards time keeping inside the watch pause menu.


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