Mountain Base
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Author: Coockie1173

Date: July 16th, 2018

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Surface 1

Expansion Pak: Yes

GE 007 - Mountain-Base
Dev - Coockie1173
Version 1.4
Level: Surface
Installation: Patch the XDelta file to a fresh goldeneye ROM

Note: Current build can crash on console, particularly at ending.

Helping hands:
Ky4785 (voice lines)
CrashOverride (testing, falcon model && voice lines)
ZKA (testing)
Johnny Thunder (testing)
loofadawg (testing)

Time taken to make level: longer than it should've taken
Tools: GoldenEye Setup Editor
Other information: /

  • Should work on console
  • Fixed music not playing


  • Fixed music being heard when starting the mission
  • Fully tested mission with CEN, should work on console
  • Fixed LTitleE text for not having an expansion pack
  • Increased key sizes

Discord: Coockie1173#8187
Mail: moc.liamg|dxbimorfyrrag#moc.liamg|dxbimorfyrrag
Any problems with the map or things I should correct, contact me.


File nameFile typeSize
image.jpgJPEG image data268.13 kBInfo
mountainbase[coockie1173].zipZip archive data3.83 MBInfo


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