Nigeria Forest
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Author: SilverEye

Date: March 19, 2013

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Jungle


I continue my Alfredo Lamberra-story with this level: Nigeria Forest, settled in jungle.
This is my 7th level in the series.
After hunting Trevelyan out of his hideaway in Budapest, Alfredo discovered the location of the installation Trevelyan mentioned in the previous mission. He is now going to infiltrate via the forest, to get into Trevelyan's headquarters. During this mission, he needs to destroy anti-aircraft guns, collect a laser (they seem to be important in Trevelyan's plan!) , and he gets help from an old friend! Bugs: well, not really a bug, but if you try multiplayer it crashes. This level is a good, pretty hard challenge, i think. But, if guards are armed with strong guns, you can use strong guns as well!


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