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Author: Dragonsbrethren

Date: February 17, 2008

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Office


Mission: Soviet Office Tower
Author: Dragonsbrethren
Date: February 17, 2008

This is a brand new map for GoldenEye 007, created with Valve Hammer Editor, Crafty, and the Goldeneye Setup Editor. The included IPS patch contains both single player and multiplayer setup files, simply select "Office" from either menu to play the map.

To play simply patch a copy of a clean GoldenEye ROM in .z64 format with your favorite IPS patching program or the Goldeneye Setup Editor. If you wish to create your own setup
with the map all the files needed are included in the "individual" folder in this archive.
If you're using Project64 you'll want to make sure you configure the emulator properly. Right-click on your patched ROM in the ROM list, choose "Edit Game Settings," and make change them to the following:

CPU core style: Recompiler
Self-modifying core Method: Change Memory & Cache
Memory Size: 4 MB
Advanced Block Linking: Off
Default Save Type: Use First Used Save Type
Counter Factor: 2
*Large Compile Buffer *Use TLB
*Register caching
*SP Hack

This map has a flickering issue when using Rice's Video plugins, you'll probably want to use one of Jabo's Direct3D plugins instead. The sky will look strange with Jabo's plugin; use the following GameShark code to correct it:

Disable Clouds (Code by Wreck)
80044DD7 0000

If you wish to comment about the map or you have any problems the best place to bring it up would be the Shooters Forever Forums:


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