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Author: ZKA

Date: May 21st, 2020

Category: GE Solo Levels

Expansion Pak: Yes

Name: Outpost
Author: ZKA
After infiltrating Ourumov's underground lair in Cuba, the only target left from Janus is
Alec Trevelyan. With help from MI6's spy equipment they've noticed sources of activity in a left
outpost located in northern Siberia. MI6's is almost certain that this is where Trevelyan has been
hiding and preparing the launch of the GoldenEye.
007 has to infiltrate the outpost facility and stop Trevelyan.

Special thanks to:

Carnivorous/Zoinkity, for the expansions patch.


File nameFile typeSize
OutpostImage.pngPNG image data379.07 kBInfo
Outpost[ZKA].zipZip archive data654.1 kBInfo


GoldenEye Main
Perfect Dark Main
Diddy Kong Racing Main
Jet Force Gemini Main
Mickey's Speedway USA Main
Pokemon Snap Main
Super Smash Bros. Main

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