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Author: Pheonarx

Date: August 20, 2017

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Dam


Created by Pheonarx.

Significantly reduced guard armor on Secret Agent. (Sorry EntropicDecay Gaming)

Less turrets on secret agent.

Guard skins all changed to match.

Protecting the console is now an optional objective on agent. (You can beat the level without doing so)

This is my first level using the GoldeneyeSetupEditor. I was going through tutorials and saw a tutorial with an .OBJ attatched, I started the tutorial and realized it could really work well as a base, so I took it and added 2 extra rooms in blender and re-imported it back.

It probably has some bugs/performance issues, as I haven't had any testers and it seems fine on my end.

It took about a week and about 1000 errors and issues but it came out and it was a blast to do!


Level and setup : Pheonarx
Tutorial .OBJ : radorn

To install just apply the xdelta patch in the setup editor, like usual.

Thanks to Subdrag for dealing with my bothersome self asking questions every 10 seconds


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