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Author: ShiftClick

Date: February 3, 2013

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Bunker 2


[Goldeneye 007 Custom Level]

Level: Prison
Modified Level: Bunker II

Author: ShiftClick

Date: February 3rd 2013

GameShark Codes Required: None (besides Codelist for uploading to console)

Comments: I would like to thank everyone who helped me sort out the problems I had while developing this level, and to thank SubDrag, Wreck, and Zoinkity for developing a program that lets me relive my childhood everyday.


Background: MI6 has recognized a man named Daniel White, who is being held in the russian prison, Sarposa. He worked as the lead scientist for the same group that owned the Research Complex. MI6 is sending you to Sarposa to interrogate and escape with Daniel.

M: Daniel is our only lead on this case 007, so keep him safe. Also make sure to grab his interrogation tape and his background file, so we can see if his alibi is true. Everything else is standard routine. Good luck.

Q: You've got your wits and that's about it, 007. Not much I can do to help you here.

Moneypenny: Don't listen to those prisoners James, They're not worth your time.*


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