Q Lab Device Training 1.1
Q Lab Device Training 1.1
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Author: Wreck

Date: July 9, 2007

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Library


[GoldenEye 007 Custom Level]

Level: Q-Lab Device Training
Modified Level: Library

Author: Wreck [ac.ocegoc|kcerw#ac.ocegoc|kcerw]

Date: February 25th, 2007
Edited: December 8th, 2017 (by Wreck)

SPECIAL NOTE: Since the CRC is different, you MUST adjust the PJ64 ROM settings to that of GoldenEye's. Otherwise the game will run slow and possibly crash.

Comments: This is an incomplete mission, which is missing a key objective element. You can still complete the stage and view the ending, but the laser system doesn't deactivate when the panels have been destroyed. The lasers don't really do anything, actually. This will be fixed in an upcoming release. Also, the Into First-Person View Intro Camera (03 Swirl) has yet to be implemented. Again, it will be in the near future. To ensure there was enough extras tossed in with the program, we wanted to include this test map. I hope you enjoy checking this out, both in-game and with the GoldenEye Setup Editor v2.0 - Visual Editor.

*Edit: Since going back over this one, I did add certain missing events, and improved a few other things. If it weren't for finding out that it crashes on console when a glass cup is broken, I probably wouldn't have revisited this. But now it's pretty close to how I had originally intended, so feel free to give it another try sometime.

Notes: This setup was designed with creating new objects and fake architecture in mind. By using the prison gate model, I was able to make a cell from scratch. The one entire wall is actually made up of the secret sliding wall doors, that are featured in both the Archives and Library stages. Probably the best use of this has been by BMW, in his upcoming Library mission. Resizing certain objects using the X,Y,Z dimensions, can almost make it appear to be a new model. The two end tables are a good example. The laser grid comprises of three stretched out fire extinguishers, levelled out to fit within the circular markings on the wall panels. Also, for something totally different, combining the stone cairn with a plant from the Jungle, made for an interesting planter. Try and be as creative as you can when working on your custom levels. The more unique you make them, the better they'll be remembered.

Objective 1: Escape from cell
Objective 2: Neutralize guards
Objective 3: Locate security chip
Objective 4: Destroy laser panels
Objective 5: Leave building

Background: Standard MI6 training operation, crafted by Q Branch. Testing skills of 00 Agents, while familiarizing them with various gadgets and equipment. Failure to complete all objectives will result in a status reassessment, and potential dismissal of service.

M Briefing: As usual, Q has put together one of his field scenarios, where you'll have to rely on your wits, and his gadgets. He has more information waiting in your brief. Good luck, Bond.

Q Branch: Pay attention, 007. It's about 'time' for another device training test. I've decided to lock you up in this one, so you'll have to think of a way to escape from your cell. Don't just sit there counting the seconds, try using something close at hand. Afterwards, you'll need to get past that nasty laser system. Why not fight fire with fire?

Moneypenny: You had better stay sharp during this simulation. Q has been going around bragging to everyone about how this is one of his most challenging scenarios yet. The clock is ticking, James.

Edit Notes…
Fixed glass cups to not crash on console.
Shifted cell door to avoid enemy detecting you inside.
Updated lasers to look more appropriate.
Breaking laser panels now removes the lasers.
Walking into laser sets off a trap.
Rewritten background briefing.
Other minor text related changes.


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