Rendezvous (Extinction 2)
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Author: Zka

Date: December 6th, 2020

Category: GE Solo Levels

Expansion Pak: Yes

So I've thought about it and decided not to create a direct remake to Extinction. Direct meaning a v2 that looks similar to the original Extinction. This level takes place in the role of Extinction of the v2 map pack, after the events of Manufactory 2.

Jacob Smith, an MI6 operative scientist who's responsible for the production of gadgets, and one of Q's personal assistants, has been kidnapped while on his way to investigate signals of radioactive matter in northern Russia. Assumptions have been made that he's being held in a military prison, relative to his last location according to the GPS. Agent 007 has been assigned, along with 004, to rescue Smith out of the prison. The exact location of the prison is on the Arctic Islands. 004 has departed already to investigate the island, in order to ensure safety of the operation before 007 arrives.


a) Disable communications equipment
b) Destroy drone guns
c) Rendezvous with 004
d) Locate military prison


Carnivorous, for the footsteps patch.

Zoinkity, for the expansion patch.

CHLindin, for the use of his custom track for Surface 1 in his ''Custom Music Set''
The link for his music mod:

Hypatia, for testing on real hardware.

Wreck, for testing, feedback and various editing.

Thanks for playing!


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