Research Bunker v1.1
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Author: Terrell

Date: November 26, 2019

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Bunker 1


Level name: Research Bunker
Author: Terrell
Date: November 26th, 2019
Edited: May 10th, 2020 (by Wreck)
Description: 1st Goldeneye level
Replaces: Bunker 1

This is my first level that I create using
the setup editor. I hope you guys enjoy playing it.

Mission objectives:
Disrupt all surveillance cameras
Disable computer network
Retrieve plans
Locate and exit the bunker

Thanks to the N64Vault discord server.

Edit notes v1.1…
-converted pink test tube to standard type (crashed console on destruction)
-corrected plans to be proper item within safe
-reset level to original scale
-edited key flags
-increased safe key size
-modified safe door operation data
-adjusted locks and added one-way locks on locked doors
-changed book flags
-edited glassware flags
-removed duplicate pickup objective
-modified dual wield weapons technique
-lengthened network disable time to two seconds
-put in a sound effect when using console
-added check if console destroyed before finishing use to stop process
-included check if network disabled prior to console destruction not to fail
-added rename for floppy disk
-updated watch level name format
-made minor background briefing edit
-swapped M and Q briefings around
-changed network objective name
-unlocked all missions and cheats on new files


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