Research Complex v1.2
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Author: ShiftClick

Date: November 2, 2012

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Aztec


[GoldenEye 007 Custom Level]

Level: Research Complex
Modified Level: Aztec

Author: ShiftClick [moc.liamg|7991321bhc#moc.liamg|7991321bhc]

Date: November 1st, 2012
Edited: February 10th, 2020 (by Wreck)

Comments: This took forever to complete. The main reason this took so long is because of
schoolwork and me losing interest in the project for about a month. Aside from that,
I would like to thank everyone who helped me sort out the problems I had while developing
this level, and to thank SubDrag, Wreck, and Zoinkity for developing a program that lets
me relive my childhood everyday.


Background: After the missile facility, MI6 has determined from the photographs you took that
Demetrian was constructing the missiles for the research of another organization. One of MI6's
agents has reported suspicious activity near the city of Astana, Kazakhstan. Radio frequencies
around the area contain information about missiles being researched. MI6 has confirmed that the
government in that area are not aware of any such endeavors.

M: The complex undertaking this research has been erected in the area of the once standing ALZHIR
camp. It will be highly guarded, due to the fact that they have a nearly constructed nuclear missile.
Once you're in the main laboratory, you must corrupt their research files with Q's device. Also, be
sure to take out their communications equipment, so they won't be able to drown you with reinforcments
once you're done.

Q: To handle the task of halting their research, you will be taking a modified bugging device with
you to attach to the mainframes inside the laboratory. It will install a virus into their archives,
corrupting them completely. You must bug both mainframes before either is damaged to prevent backup
protocols. As for the comms equipment, I'll let you do what you do best; blow it to smithereens.
Good luck.

Moneypenny: More people doing more naughty things, James. As always…

Edit notes v1.2…
Removed collisions on an embedded gun magazine, crashed console
Updated corrupt files to require bugs planted on mainframes.
Added fail checks if destroyed mainframe or out of bugs.
Redid outro scene and checks.
Put in unused message for radio destruction.
Set missing action block on officer in control area.
Adjusted character health and other stats.
Corrected scientist fade out.
Changed certain character actions.
Removed control room guard patrol route.
Added fall to ground on some weapons not attached to guards.
Fixed monitor screens.
Changed tabletop mainframes into hard drives.
Stopped gas leak message from always showing.
Removed fall to ground from wall screens.
Prevented cameras from disappearing and/or dropping to floor.
Prevented drones from disappearing and/or dropping to floor.
Removed collisions from drone guns.
Decreased size of drone in purple hallway.
Altered drone gun setup in control room area (was unfair).
Deleted two leftover ammo magazines at pad 0000.
Removed mini supply truck (to save textures).
Updated flags on keycard.
Increased size of keycard slightly.
Edited keycard pickup rename text.
Adjusted size and position of control area blue door.
Made control area blue door one-way lock.
Unset lock on alarm guard room door when alarm raised.
Added two wooden boxes with ammo in alarm guard room.
Fixed door links.
Updated some door data.
Added invisible barriers at trench to help stop guards falling.
Edited the modified AI Path Network a little.
Shortened watch level name.
Updated intro camera level name data.
Changed level and location names in menu folders.
Cleaned up briefing.


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