Satellite Control Bunker
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Author: Zka

Date: January 29, 2018

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Bunker 1


Satellite Control Bunker

Made by Zka

Carnivorous, for basically everything. He helped me with most of the things and made me able to continue learning more stuff
about the editor.
The discord chat, not gonna name them all. But alot of people in the discord group gave me needed feedback, which made me think about my
levels more. Shoutout to Dark0, Coockie, Graslu and Crash.

I updated the level. So that includes bug fixes, object names, some prop and texture changes, and i replaced the ''Photograph rocket'' objective
with a ''Disrupt surveillance equipment'' objective. Just because, you know. So there shouldn't be any issues now!

A) Recover Laser
B) Use radio to contact 004
C) Disrupt surveillance equipment
D) Escape the bunker

Thanks for playing!


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