Shipping Yard
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Author: Rey and Ami

Date: November 10, 2017

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Depot


Rey: Well the long awaited next level is finally complete.This level changed drastically. At first there were cameras but that was scrapped as sometimes they could see you over certain spots and the fact that it was kinda ridiculous. The placements were just to cruel.You also originally started with an unsilenced weapon. There are some portal glitches but that's due to changing the sky color. Towards the end it is recommended that you stand atop the door so that your not locked inside. You will know what I mean. Also the ending cinematic is just a little hint of the next level.

Ami: I'm so sorry. The level being delayed for so long is my fault. I was on the verge of finishing up my college classes and I had a lot of finals. Then Hurricane Irma hit both us and Puerto Rico.
My parents being worried how they were after Irma, so we went over there to check on things. Then as you know Maria hit. I had to stay there until things got better.


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