Storage Facility
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Author: GERage

Date: March 23, 2009

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Storage Facility


Level: Storage Facility
Modified Level: Dam
Author: GERage
GS Codes Required: None
Tested On: PJ64 1.6

This custom Hammer level package includes a mission and a multiplayer map. In the mission, a bomb is planted and you must deactivate it. The objectives are….

A. Collect all documents (SA)
B. Defuse and collect bomb (A)
C. Send data to MI6 (SA)
D. Keep waste bins intact (A)
E. Escape in supply truck (A)

Included Files:
-readme.txt -tempIndiceaa01.bin
-storagefacility.ips -tempVertaa01.bin
-021990 -tempIndiceaa02.bin
-bg_dam_all_p.seg.bin -tempVertaa02.bin
-Tbg_dam_all_p_stanZ.bin -tempIndiceaa03.bin
-UsetupdamZ.bin -tempVertaa03.bin
-Ump_setupdamZ.bin -brieftophalf.bmp
-LdamE.bin -briefbottomhalf.bmp
-LtitleE.bin -soloselectpic.bmp

Applying the IPS Patch:
Open the Setup Editor. Go to Tools > Apply IPS Patch. Choose your unmodified, unflipped GE ROM and then the IPS Patch. Lastly, save the patched ROM under a different name than your original ROM.

If you're loading the ROM in PJ64, you need to change the settings of the patched ROM. Load the ROM and go to Options > Settings > ROM Settings. Change it to the following….

CPU core style: Recompiler
Self-modifying core Method: Change Memory & Cache
Memory Size: 4 MB
Advanced Block Linking: Off
Default Save Type: Use First Used Save Type
Counter Factor: 2
Check marks by:
Larger Compile Buffer, Register caching, SP Hack, Use TLB

Rice's Video plugin causes this level to flicker, so it's not recommended.
If you're using one of Jabo's plugins, the sky will look unusual. To fix this, use the Disable Clouds code: 80044DD7 0000.

If you have questions or comments, please post or send me a PM in the Shooters Forever forums.



File nameFile typeSize
image.jpgJPEG image data48.04 kBInfo
storagefacility[gerage].zipZip archive data10.9 MBInfo


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