Territory Base v1.1
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Author: Terrell

Date: June 26, 2020

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Runway


Level name: Territory Base
Author: Terrell
Date: June 26th, 2020
Edited: July 4th, 2020 (by Wreck)
Replaces: Runway
Description: 4th GoldenEye level

Mission objectives:
Destroy all motorcycles
Photograph aircrafts
Obtain Janus documents
Eliminate General Tarkov

Good luck and enjoy.

Edit notes v1-1…
altered level ending blocks
included more checks for general trigger
added detonator to inventory
locked doors to facility
removed collisions from key
increased key size
redid dual magnum link style
stopped large wall monitor from falling to floor
made one metal crate indestructible
changed conveyor belt blocker to metal crate
updated flags on books
changed flags on staff list
edited some text
fixed image LOD/detail mapping through editor
unlocked all levels on new files


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