Training 003
Training 003
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Title: Training 003

Author: Coockie1173

Date: September 8, 2018

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Facility


GE 007 - Tower (training 003)
Dev - Coockie1173 & JaceLeon
Version 1.0
Level: Facility
Installation: Patch the XDelta file to a fresh goldeneye ROM
Please do check the cheats menu!

Helping hands:
JAES (testing)
ZKA (testing)
Pheonarx (testing)
JaceLeon (testing & music)
Forrest M (voice lines)
Zoinkity: For the Spectrum Emulation patch and Expansion Pak patch
Pavarini (footsteps patch)**

**Tools: GoldenEye Setup Editor

Other information:
Training 003!
Discord: Coockie1173#8187
Mail: moc.liamg|dxbimorfyrrag#moc.liamg|dxbimorfyrrag

Any problems with the map or things I should correct, contact me.


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