Vertigo v1.1
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Author: Nico00

Date: September 6, 2020

Category: GE Solo Levels

Level: Bunker 2


Short Info

Date: 06.September.2020
Edited: 20.September.2020 (by Wreck)

It's me Tomislav but under a different name. This is my second level after my cringe level that is Research Facility. I finally found the time and passion to create a second Level. I've decided for my future levels to not create a storyline because I just don't want to and I think just because a level does not have a story plot behind it doesn't make it automatically boring or bad.

Maybe I will create a storyline, but for now my next levels will not have a story icksdee.


Wipe-out Mk 42 Tigerfish Torpedoes
Find location of other base
Silence base commander
Escape by vehicle

Special thanks to:

Wreck: Testing and editing the updated version

Zka: Helped me how to fix something in the Setup Editor

Graslu00 & QueenAllTheWay: Helped me translate something from English to Spanish, Idea got scrapped in the end :/

CrashOveride & Valve : For the Counter-Strike CV-47 Gun/Prop

Yourgamerman: Reporting a crash in level on console

Thanks for playing!


Edit notes v1.1…
increased glass door distance (crashed console at zero)
added one-way door locks to control room entrance
removed one-way door locks from old locked doors
made glass doors all unbreakable and bulletproof
deleted unnecessary keycard (same lock as torpedo dooor console)
modified commandant stats
very slightly tweaked (rounded) some guard stats
raised weapons on shelf unit
altered torpedo related action blocks and door
updated name and location for level in folders
removed upper watch lines for renames
edited some text / spelling
unlocked all levels and cheats on new files


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