Warehouse 8
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Author: Rey and Ami

Date: December 24, 2016

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Archives


Rey:You might recognize this level. It's one of the canceled levels of Blind Escape. Turned into a whole other concept. The next level in this collaboration has you posing as, Zonkov himself to infiltrate a WareHouse. Zonkov himself will be there as well to have a meeting. He doesn't know is, Bond is there to capture him. Level takes place in Archives.

Ami: Welcome to another release! I hope you don't mind but we took a action block from a another level and used it here. Just because it matched what I wanted perfectly. This is a small WareHouse where some of the weapons previously made are kept. Bond's goal is to photograph proof that some are lurking there to then Cause a firework show. I want to say that, as of now..I don't think anyone has caught on to some of the references made in the briefing. It's ok, they will keep coming LOL.


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