Yoshida Dam
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Author: Midnight Kitteh

Date: June 12, 2012

Category: Solo Levels

Level: Dam


Level: Yoshida Dam
Modified Level: Dam
GS Codes: None, except code list for uploading to console

a).Destroy Nuclear Weapons
b).Negotiate with TAKA Michinoku9.1
c).Obtain and Delete Circuit Systems.


M16 Has found the main base of opperation for the Japanese Terrorist group KAIENTAI RO&D. It is on a Dam in Osaka Northern Japan
called the Yoshida DAM.*
M Briefing;
After our last ambush KAIENTAI has put an extra effort on an improved security source. They have the base well guarded but i am
confident you can slip under there noses and destroy there Nuclear Weapons before they get a chance to use them. I should warn you that
you may come across TAKA in the DAM please try to negociate peacefully Bond, Taka is a skilled armsman and could take you down with
one single bullet, after all he does have in his possesion the Golden Gun.*
Q Briefing;
Now then Bond i don't really have any gadgets to give you apart from some timed mines to take those Nuclear Weapons out.
Be sure to use them correctly, the last thing we need is a Dead Agent on our hands, Also i trust you will not play around with them as you
have a limited supply old boy so if you use them up don't come crying to me for more. One last note is to ensure you delete the data from their
Circuit Boards you should find a Large Computer that could do it just look at the screen that should show a possible one for use.*
Moneypenny; Be careful James them terrorists are highly trained. I Don't want our relationship to end with you being shot at the
hands of a bunch of EVIL SADISTIC…ohh the phone just rang must be off bye.*

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Individual Folder{

The Yoshida Dam is the followup mission to the Japanese Nuclear Facility.
KAIENTAI RO&D have been found on the Yoshida Dam in Northern Japan,Osaka.
The Security have been specially trained for your arrival so be Prepared to Fight or on the other hand
"PREPARE TO DIE" The RO&D Cheif of Security Oddjob is Dead now it is time to go for there Weapons,
Delete all the imformation that is stored on their Circuit Boards, if you find them and hopefully try reason with the
Leader of KAIENTAI RO&D "TAKA Michinoku9.1" Good Luck. YOU WILL NEED IT.
The story has taken a change as seen with my recent fix of the Kaientai Frigate.

Known Issues;
1). when talking to TAKA it may lag a little.
2). there is a camera after secret agent that seems to be able to spot you from below ground and behind walls.
Any other issues please feel free to contact me at ku.oc.liamtoh|iobhettik.thgindim#ku.oc.liamtoh|iobhettik.thgindim

Yoshida Dam Copyright Midnight KittehBoi


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