8 Meg GoldenEye
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Author: Zoinkity

Date: August 2, 2015

Category: GE Misc


GoldenEye Expansion Pak Support Patch v0.09

This patch is a WIP! It has potential errors and incomplete features. Do not distribute or use with release code!

Expansion pak support extends the engine to detect and use the 8MB expansion pak when present. The memory will be allocated using the usual method internally and invisibly to the user.
It also provides a different TLB manager that is significantly more efficient than the original.

On its own this memory would sit in the general allocation buffer, meaning it would only be used on-demand for dynamically loaded object instances, etc. The intention is for projects to utilize the additional 4MB more effectively by setting internal allocation values.

There are two codebases:
GE-xpak.ext basic 8MB support
GE-xpak.7MB.ext basic support, reserving 1MB of memory for special purposes
BPS patches can be applied with either beat (http://byuu.org/programming) or the bps python module. The patch can only be applied to an unbyteswapped, uneditted ROM.
IPS patches have no such restriction.

*) Currently, no provision has been added to determine if your allocations exceed available memory, and no method of restricting access to features that require the additional memory is provided.
*) Rearrangement of allocated blocks to best utilize fixed and variable sized data has been left to a final patch.



File nameFile typeSize
ge-xpak.009.zipZip archive data26.89 kBInfo
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