Action Block Toggles
Action Block Toggles
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Author: Zoinkity

Date: August 27, 2007

Category: GE Misc


Action EA, EC, F6, F9 Patches

Provided in this file are four patches that change the behaviour of certain action types. Each changes the action into a toggle; calling the command once does the usual command's behaviour, but using it again turns the effect off.

Only use the correct patch for the correct region. Each expects an unbyteswapped rom. For convenience, use the patching utility in the Goldeneye Setup Editor. Open the program, select 'Tools', then 'Apply IPS'. The editor also has a utility to byteswap you rom if need be.
Using these patches will not affect or break any known existing patches. They don't seem to break any existing solo stages, but if you notice odd behaviour please send a bug report. If you need Gameshark/Pro Action Replay equivelents, please let me know.

NGEE North American NTSC Patches

NGEJ Japanese NTSC Patchesa

NGEP European PAL Patches

Short summaries of each action type:
Action EA Toggle Stage Time
Action EA stops the game and watch time, usually before an end cutscene to get an accurate stage completion time. This has now become a toggle, so after using the command once to stop time, you can re-enable it by using EA again.
This is most helpful to create mid-stage cutscenes. Disable time at the beginning of the cutscene to ensure the game clock doesn't run on, and when returning to normal play re-enable it.

Action EC Toggle Player Pickups
One call of action EC disables normal player/object collisions, so no players will be able to collect objects. The patched code allows you to re-enable player pickups by using the command a second time. Action F3 - test if player pickups disabled - can be used to determine the state of the command.

Action F6 Toggle Explosions
using F6 once generates random explosions around player positions. However, the patched routine allows you to call F6 again to disable them. You can use this to fill a room with fire for a few seconds, then return to normal.

Action F9 Toggle Automatic Stage Failure

Normally, using this action automatically fails a stage and displays 'Killed in Action' on the debug status box, regardless if the objectives are complete. Using it would fail the stage without any means of completing it. However, the patch changes this into a toggle. Using the command a second time will allow a player to complete a stage normally.
Admittantly, there are few times this is useful. An example of one time this may prove useful is in Cradle. Normally, even when Trevelean is killed it is possible to fall off the platform and die. However, after the player falls you can test to see if Trevelean has been dealt with, and if so call F9 a second time to allow the stage to be complete. Then, run an alternate cutscene where Bond catches the helicopter in mid-fall.



File nameFile typeSize
actionblockpatches[zoinkity].zipZip archive data3.03 kBInfo


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