Aiming Down Sights
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Author: Rucksack Gamer

Date: March 18, 2018

Category: GE Misc


ADS With Guns V1.0
By: Rucksack Gamer

I know my last mod was just awful… It didn't work right, a majority of stuff in the mod was broken, and it crashed a lot, but I have returned with a mod that's actually kinda good!
This mod is something I've wanted since I was a kid as, the way Goldeneye handles gun locations is just annoying to look at to me, and quite frankly, I stopped playing GE for a while in favor of modern shooters…
Basically what this mod is, is a sort of "ADS" (Aiming Down Sights) mod that takes the regular format of the game, and takes the guns, and slides them to the middle of the screen. It's simple, but it's effective for a mod.

Thanks everyone for putting up with my garbage first mod. :)

This one's pretty simple…
Just get yourself an unmodded, unbyteswapped, US version of GE and it should work like a charm.


File nameFile typeSize
aimingdownsights[rucksackgamer].zipZip archive data60.18 kBInfo
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