All Bonds
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Author: Wreck and SubDrag

Date: September 25, 2012

Category: GE Misc


All Bonds Patch Revisions

2nd Revision: June 12th, 2018

a) Lower Leg Texturing.
The lower legs on each black tuxedo have been adjusted.
Brosnan's suit had stretched textures, which have been edited.

b) Lazenby Lo-Poly Head.
The distant version of Lazenby's head has been improved.

c) Dalton's Eyes.
Face texture was modified to make his eyes less pronounced.
This is somewhere between the original image and the previous one.

d) Head Model File Correction.
A bad pointer within the files caused issues with the GE Editor.
It did not seem to impact console or emulator.

1st Revision: August 27th, 2015

a) Textures 0787 and 080C replaced with their originals.
This should correct issues with Civilians and green cap.
Thanks to General Hogan and PutDaCookieDown for the information.

b) Solo Bond heads all set to Brosnan styles.
No more Connery or Lazenby appearances in missions.
All Bonds, based off the Bond head, using the original head textures, with new uvs, and bonus Lazenby.

Contains all 5 Bonds: Moore, Dalton, Connery, Lazenby, and Brosnan.

Also includes new character select pictures.

Mandy, Marion, Sally and Vivien characters were replaced with each of the four new Bonds in the select list. Zoinkity provided the white tux, SubDrag three of the heads, Monkeyface Connery, 00action the multi Lazenby shot, and Wreck the rest.


File nameFile typeSize
allbonds[wreck].zipZip archive data176.44 kBInfo
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