All Bonds Deluxe
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Author: Wreck & Others

Date: July 12th, 2020

Category: Miscellaneous

Expansion Pak: Yes

All Bonds Deluxe

During development of the game, it was planned to have each of the four agent folders use different James Bond actors as their profile photo. Not only that, but in the two final bonus missions, the player would assume the role of that incarnation of 007. However, due to unfortunate licensing issues, each of the other Bond's were removed from both these folders, as well as multiplayer. This mod turns back the clock and sets things back as they were. All four versions of MI6's finest secret agent are present in multiplayer, their images restored to the folders, and the bonus levels updated to feature them decked out in their own tuxedos. That wasn't quite enough, though. Now the selected Bond actor will appear in every mission, wearing the proper wardrobe for that particular assignment. So represent your favourite 007 as you foil Janus' plans once again.

Note: The ROM does require the use of an Expansion Pak.

Credits/Special Thanks…
SubDrag: Two of the Bond heads, and the GoldenEye Editor.
Zoinkity: The white tuxedo, patch to update the folders, and Expansion pack patch.
Carnivorous: His Footsteps patch.
Monkeyface: One of the Bond heads.
Wreck: Two of the suits, texture/model cleanup, Bond swap methods, etc.


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