All Bonds Mark Kane
All Bonds
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Author: Mark Kane

Date: November 25, 2008

Category: GE Misc


[Goldeneye 007 Model and Texture Mod]

Modified Models: Bond Heads: 4A, 4B, 4C. Character Models: 19 (Parka), 17 (Dress Suit), 23 (Male Scientist)

Author: M Kane

Date: November 25th, 2008

GameShark Codes Required: None

Comments: This has been sitting around for months so it's time to release. Before you get excited this mod only adds Connery Dalton and Moore, however, more than just a texture modification this ips also alters the models. New textures have been assigned and some of the models shuffled around to create this patch. This means that all of the Bond heads are a higher polycount than other models in the game, and the suits for Dalton and Connery are also the high poly models. I couldn't fit in a high poly model for Moore's suit so had to use the Scientist - this is the only non-player model that has been changed. There is room to add one more bond face (I think).

Known Bugs: Moore is too short. Load times in emulators are quite long, and emulator frame-rate is slow, however the patch works brilliantly on my Dr64.


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