Backwards Watch
Backwards Watch
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Author: Zoinkity

Date: January 12, 2008

Category: GE Misc


Watch! - The Most Pointless Hack Ever!

These patches make the hands on Bond's watch move backward. Yes, that's right. The hands in the background of the watch menu really do keep time, and this patch makes them move backwards, not forwards. Note, it doesn't affect your time in-game or anything else of any remote use (probably…), just allows the watch to keep perfect time in reverse.
So, you're probably wondering why make something so inane. It was easy, it shows off how the japanese and european games use floats instead of a long value for time calculations, and I was thinking of the Tigger watch that runs backward when happening across the current watch time value one day.

Apply this patch like any other. Only apply the correct one for the specific region game you are using; don't try to apply a pal patch to ntsc and expect it to work. All regions are covered, and so far it doesn't seem to break anything. Only apply to an *unbyteswapped* rom, or if in doubt use the editor's patching feature.

Watch!-J.ips Japanese game
Watch!-E.ips North American game
Watch!-P.ips European (PAL) game



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