Blood Patch
Blood patch
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Author: Wreck

Date: April 11, 2018

Category: GE Misc


Mod: Blood Patch
Date: April 11th, 2018
Updated: March 22nd, 2020
Author: Wreck

Originally, GoldenEye was going to have more blood in it. Yes, character's clothing and skin does become reddened when struck by a bullet or throwing knife, but there is no projected blood. Instead, you see sparks and smoke. This was due to Rare taking away the blood effect, no doubt to reduce the ESRB rating and also please Nintendo at the same time. However, the blood was never actually removed from the game. It still exists, and can be applied. The colouration is a little vibrant, which may indicate a last ditch effort to make it appear less realistic before finally giving up on it. After many years of being available as a GameShark code, I am now releasing it in two patch forms.

The first form is a simple Xdelta patch. Apply this to a normal GoldenEye 007 ROM, and the blood effect will be added. This is recommended for users with less experience using the GE Editor, or for those who just want to dive right into it.

The second patch has been designed so that it can be applied to pretty much any GoldenEye ROM (including custom missions, campaigns, or multiplayer mods). The trick is that it modifies very specific data in the 21990 game configuration file. All you need to do is the following few simple steps…

In the GoldenEye Setup Editor, go into the "Tools" -> "Game Configuration" menu. Once it opens, select the ROM in which you would like to add the blood patch to. After it has loaded, click on the "Write 21990 File" button in the bottom right hand corner of the menu. Save it someplace you'll remember. Next, go to "Tools" -> "Apply IPS Patch" from the Editor's main window. It will ask you to find the original file, which will be your "021990.bin" file (NOTE: some versions of the Editor will only look for files with ROM related names, so you might have to rename it as ".rom" extension). After that, you need to select the blood patch .IPS file. Then you will be asked to save your new file. Make sure that you give it a ".bin" extension name when finished, so the Editor will be able to find it in the next step. Now, go back to the "Game Configuration" menu, and click the "Import 21990" button located at the bottom. It should take only a few moments to finish being imported. When completed, click on "Write ROM with 21990 Mods" to save your new ROM. Try it out on console or emulator, and enjoy your game with an M for Mature rating!


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