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Author: Wreck

Date: August 4, 2018

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Game: GoldenEye 007
Mod: Cheat Menu Extension 28
Author: Wreck
Date: August 4th, 2018

Have you ever thought to yourself, "23 cheats is great and all, but wouldn't it be sweet to have more"? Well, now you can! The cheat menu has been modified and extended, to allow for up to 28 different cheat options. And what you'll find in this patch is a mixture of an unused leftover, an intended cheat, one from another region release, and others totally new. Here is what you will be able to use (some even in multiplayer)…

Line Mode:
Probably the best known unused cheat left in the game. This is also known as "Pen and Ink" mode in other games. The main screen is white, with black lines showing edges of models displayed on screen. Your watch menu becomes rather tricky to navigate, though.

Sniper / Rocket:
This is an interesting one. In the Japanese release of GoldenEye 007, the Hunting Knife was removed for censorship reasons. Now, since there was a 2x Hunting Knife cheat in the game, those clever programmers decided to replace it with something different. What they ended up with was a combination of a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle. This pairing allows players to zoom in across a level, and fire off a rocket with great accuracy. You'll run out of rockets quickly, so you might want to use Infinite Ammo, as well.

Bond Phase:
The name remains in the cheat text file, but nothing else appears to exist in ROM as far as cheat data is concerned. However, a very simple modification of the Bond Invisible cheat can have this up and running easily. Bond Phase is the same as that old GameShark code we loved to use, which we often refered to as "Walk Through Doors" - even though you could actually go through any prop or character in the environment. It even lets you pass through the locked doors in multiplayer… which could possibly be one reason it wasn't in the final game. An added professional touch was included, so that this also works as a button code. You can toggle it on and off during a level as you please. But what's the code, you ask? Hahaha! No, I'll be nice…

L + D-Up
R + C-Right
R + C-Down
L & R + C-Left
L & R + D-Left
L & R + D-Right
R + D-Down
R + C-Up
R + C-Right
L & R + D-Down

Where did that code come from, exactly? That's a button code leftover in the game that was supposed to activate a missing cheat. At least now it has a purpose. Or was this its intention to begin with…?

No Body Armor:
First created by Zoinkity as the "Dr. No" cheat, this will remove all body armour from the game. That means both missions and multiplayer are supported. This can prevent that one friend of yours who is always hogging up the armour whenever you play from doing so, or add more difficulty to the mission campaign by taking away that extra protection.

Expect to Die:
This is a fun modification of the "Super 2x Health" cheat, which completely changes its intended purpose. Rather than help keep the player alive longer, this now weakens them to the point where any damage sustained (enemy gunfire, drone guns, explosions, nerve gas, etc.) will have their screen dripping with red stuff. Armour can still be used as usual, as this only affects Bond's health. Using this in combination with the No Body Armour cheat is suggested. Fans of the LTK/DLTK custom 007 Mode settings may enjoy this, as now even more things can kill you instantly. Goldfinger would be pleased.


Game: GoldenEye 007
Mod: Cheat Menu Extension 30
Author: Wreck
Date: August 5th, 2018

Hold on a second… did you really think we would stop at 28 cheats? With a little magic - in the form of altering the actual folders themselves - we can squeeze in another two. Unless your math is rusty, you should know that brings our total up to 30 cheats! What dare we add in for these final slots?

Position Display:
A debugging tool, which shows at the top of your screen your current whereabouts. The room number, coordinates, and directional rotation are all displayed. Probably not very useful for the average player, but it is one of the few leftover cheats that still function well. Plus, now you can proudly declare, "I'm in room 135, sucker"!

2x Klobb:
What happens when you take everybody's favourite machine pistol, multiply it by two, and throw in 800 rounds of ammunition? Why, it's the Ken Lobb Special, that's what! Try your luck using these inaccurate firearms against the hardened soldiers of the mission campaign. It could barely be considered cheating…

*Notes: Some cheats were replaced in order to incorporate the new ones. Those include Super 2x Health, Super 10x Health, and Extra Weapons. Super 2x Armor does still exist, but is not linked to any existing cheat. All levels and cheats are unlocked for you, so you needn't worry about nailing those target times once again.

Special Thanks…
Zoinkity: for his documentation of the ROM, and the Dr. No cheat.
SubDrag: for finding the final piece of the puzzle with the cheat extension.


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