Dr. No
Dr. No
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Author: Zoinkity

Date: August 23, 2007

Category: GE Misc


Dr. No (No Body Armour)

'Dr. No' adds a cheat into the in-game cheat menu that allows you to turn off all body armour in both solo and multiplayer. Simply toggle the cheat ON to disable body armour pickups, and toggle it off when you want them to appear.

Gameshark/Action Replay users can use the codes provided. Emulator and backup devices users can apply the patch. If you are using codes, you don't need the patch. If you are using the patch, you don't need the codes.

The patch expects a non-byteswapped rom. For convienience, you can use the patching utility in the Goldeneye Setup Editor to apply the patch for you. Select 'Tools', then 'Apply IPS Patch'. Select the rom you wish to apply it to, then the patch. It is that simple. Only apply the correct patch for your region.
DrNo_USA.ips NGEE North America NTSC
DrNo_JAP.ips NGEJ Japan NTSC
DrNo_PAL.ips NGEP Europe PAL

The patch is specificly designed to be compatible with virtually any other patch. Using it should not break any level, stage, or code patches already available. All patches should be backup-device compatible.

For cheat code users, only use the cheats listed for your region. The codes create an option in the in-game cheat folder named 'Dr. No' that can be selected to toggle body armour on and off. In order to remove body armour, the cheat in the cheat menu must be truned on.

NTSC - North America only
Select the "Dr. No" cheat in your cheat folder to eliminate body armor in all stages.
"Dr. No (no BA)#8" .off
812AF254 4472
812AF256 2E20
812AF258 4E6F
812AF25A 0000
80069651 0001
8104EFBA 45C0
D00696A1 0001

NTSC - Japan only
Select the "Dr. No" cheat in your cheat folder to eliminate body armor in all stages.
"Dr. No (no BA)#8" .off
812AF458 4472
812AF45A 2E20
812AF45C 4E6F
812AF45E 0000
80069691 0001
8104EFEA 45C0
D00696E1 0001
8104EFEA 4B0C

PAL - Europe
Select the "Dr. No" cheat in your cheat folder to eliminate body armour in all stages.
"Dr. No (no BA)#8" .off
8129F3C8 4472
8129F3CA 2E20
8129F3CC 4E6F
8129F3CE 0000
80058591 0001
81047402 454C
D00585E1 0001
81047402 4A90



File nameFile typeSize
drno[zoinkity].zipZip archive data3.68 kBInfo
image.jpgJPEG image data61.95 kBInfo


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