Dual Eyes Cooperative GoldenEye 2.0
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Author: Rucksack Gamer

Date: March 16, 2018

Category: GE Misc


Dual Eyes - Remade
By: Rucksack Gamer

I know that people wanted this, and that I had a previous version posted to Goldeneye Vault, but I had released such an unstable version, I wasn't even proud of it (I'm still not). And because of this I am sorry. Co-op in Goldeneye is a pain to set up and get working, and I thought that it was as good as it will get, but I realized that it's not. It's not good at all… So I decided to figure out how to get it working better than last time, added some new features, skies work, music from each level is forced (thanks to me adding "new" levels as in copying the default missions, changing a few things, and then adding the finalized levels to the end of the rom), and best of all, the game is actually stable.

One of the only issues I can think of is that some levels can be a pain to run. It's probably not a surprise, but Goldeneye lags a lot by default, but throwing in multiplayer kills the framerate. 2 players on a level like Surface drops performance a bit, but throw in 4 players, don't expect to be very playable. Another issue I should address before everyone complains about it, the enemies will randomly choose to be fast/slow. I don't know why they do this, but there's no real way to combat this.

By default, there is 3 cheats unlocked at the start (unfortunately, you cannot use them, as they unlock guns for solo mode), but all of the cheats are available if you use Gameshark (or, if you decide to go this route, you can take out the 2, 3, and 4 controllers and play solo and unlock them that way). The radar is only activated when you use the Enable Radar cheat. This isn't a bug, this is intended to give the feel like you're playing the real thing.

Mods/Assistance used to make this:
pavarini - He removed the solo menu and multiple customization options to multiplayer (that do nothing in-game)
SubDrag - Co-op patch that made this WAY more stable than before
Zoinkity - 8 MB allocation patch that made this possible (otherwise the game would run out of memory quickly)

Again, I am sorry that the mod was initially so bad, but thank you all for finding the idea neat, giving me the encouragement to make a new version.

Required Files:
An unbyteswapped copy of the NTSC Goldeneye (US version).

DO NOT USE DOUBLE WEAPONS! If you get lucky enough (or rather, are unfortunate enough) to collect dual weapons, do not use them (or rather, do not pull out the second one). This will crash the game at all times. If you will, please inform me of which level it was that you found it. The less people to crash to this nuisance the better.


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