Enemy Golden Guns
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Author: Flargy

Date: November 30,2019

Category: GE Misc

Level: All


This is a simple edit that replaces enemy rockets with enemy Golden Guns. Though, it's more in-depth than that.

-You cannot use the Golden Guns the enemies drop, to balance this, they give 9mm ammo. The Golden Gun in Egypt can still be used, however.
-It will also not appear in weapon rotation to not mess with muscle memory. Again, the Golden Gun in Egypt will function normally and not like this.
-All cheats are unlocked in order to let you use this cheat from the get-go on a fresh save.

By using this patch you confirm that you will not sell or make any profit on the patch or resulting modified ROM
You also agree that the ROM will not be included in any emulator builds or assembled ROM sets
To apply the mod, patch in the setup editor or the xdelta patcher of your choice.


File nameFile typeSize
Enemy-golden-guns.zipZip archive data140.53 kBInfo
icon.pngPNG image data78.83 kBInfo


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