Footsteps v53
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Author: Carnivorous (and Zoinkity, SubDrag)

Date: June 4, 2018

Category: GE Misc

Expansion Pak: Yes

I've been working on a combination patch with includes multiple patches, with many of my own.

Here is the list of features it has:
Zoinkity's 7MB expansion pak patch and EC player pick-up toggle
SubDrag's expansion pak detection code
Extended random head selection to 8 unique heads per stage
Set E9/FB to toggle between main/alt sky banks
Use 36 to toggle objectives while mission is active
Make company logos skip by default
Change 'show ammo on-screen' option to 'anti-aliasing'
Make command 27 return ZX emu joystick (0x10 = z-trigger 0x0-0xF = direction)
Make setting unknown float to 0 start stage without music
Custom 2B multi-function command (see tutorial)
Make F2 calculate distance for player (used for footsteps)
Store and read 4 unique boolean flags per player save
Easily access current character's structure
Force cinema cameras to use widescreen setting
Subtly randomize guard pain sound pitch
Don't fade guards death while on screen (like Perfect Dark)
Basic framebuffer effects and overlay support
Randomized guard sizes (like Perfect Dark)
Advance control over third person cameras
Dynamic screen space reflection (uses texture ID 02E4)
Random multiplayer respawn locations
Drone gun sound effect on alert (optional - see tutorial)
Display health on screen when collecting armor
Extend maximum length for x music trigger
Added grenade pull sound effect for guards
Emit sound from current guard's position

Check the tutorial patch's for a how to guide for all these features.

If you use this mod, please credit Zoinkity for the expansion pak - thank you!


You can go to Carnivorous' github to get this where it will be in the most recent state. Its easier for him to maintain it this way.


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