Footsteps V18
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Author: Pavarini (and Zoinkity, SubDrag)

Date: June 4, 2018

Category: GE Misc

Expansion Pak: Yes

I've been working on a combination patch with includes multiple patches, with many of my own.

Here is the list of features it has:
Zoinkity's 7MB expansion pak patch and EC player pick-up toggle
SubDrag's expansion pak detection code
Extended random head index (yes it's overflowing, but it does set 7 random heads)
Set E9/FB to toggle between main/alt sky banks
Make 7F 00 check player's death flag
Set intros skippable
Change 'show ammo on-screen' option to 'disable AA'
Make command 27 return ZX emu joystick (0x10 = z-trigger 0x0-0xF = direction)
Make setting unknown float to 0 start stage without music
Custom 2B multifunction command (see tutorial)
Make F2 calculate distance for player (used for footsteps)

Check bunker 1 for a tutorial.


  • Moved address for camera FOV
  • Reset camera FOV on map load
  • Reorganized all assembly


  • Moved FD kill player to FC
  • Ignore invincibility for FC kill player
  • Added new delta time compensation to FE add/sub
  • Added new FD copy memory command
  • Updated tutorial level with new commands
  • Added new camera FOV override for more cinematic control


  • Moved all assembly hacks to 21990 (reduced TLB refills)
  • Added 2BFD kill player command


  • Optimized assembly
  • Fixed crash if 2B x-track command reached end of table
  • Added 2BFE reference manual to bunker tutorial (check 0408)
  • Increased footstep rate to match Perfect Dark


  • Reorganized assembly notes
  • Fixed 0xBB000


  • Added float flag for addition/subtraction arguments
  • Added interactive conversation tutorial with 27 command


  • Tweaked 2BFE and fixed footsteps block bug (invalid returns)


  • Force AA on when not in-game


  • Added return argument to 2BFE
  • Simplified all blocks
  • Added portable medkit block (2BFE example - hold B+R to heal)


  • Added F2 init command (required for console compatibility)
  • Simplified footsteps block
  • Lowered volume for footsteps (matches PD)
  • Fixed credits from crashing
  • Unlocked all cheats and missions by default


  • Added 2BFE tutorial to bunker 1
  • Improved footsteps block (now has mid-air detection)
  • Fixed bug for FE compare arguments


You can go to Carnivorous' github to get this where it will be in the most recent state. Its easier for him to maintain it this way.


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