GoldenEye 007 Master Agent
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Author: Pale Horse

Date: September 11, 2019

Category: GE Misc

Level: All


GoldenEye 007 Master Agent v1.0

This is my first mod, I hope you like. The inspiration for this mod is Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest, which was so hard that I got stuck in the Forest Temple and I have yet to beat OoTMQ to this day.
I wanted to make a Master Quest style GoldenEye, because like Zelda OoT, the game was hard for me as a kid, but as an adult, I am able to beat these wonderful games way too easily, and I think I needed a new
harder, more challenging experience for my adult brain while at the same time keeping the great gameplay and nostalgia that make GoldenEye 007 and OoT such wonderful games even to this day, graphics be damned.

Requirements for this ROM Patch to work:

GoldenEye Setup Editor 4.1, which made this patch possible.

GoldenEye 007 [U] [!] .z64 rom, which is the NTSC (USA) version, you can find online somewhere I'm sure, good luck!

This patch works on the 1964 emulator that's modified to play Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. I think you can find on Github?

Mupen likely works too. Haven't tested Project64, but maybe you can? :D


1. Open GoldenEye Setup Editor 4.1

2. Go to Tools > XDelta Patching > Apply GoldenEye XDelta Patch

3. Choose the GoldenEye 007 [U] [!] .z64 rom (NTSC USA rom) and click open, then find the .xdelta patch included in the zip file(which you should have copyed to it's own folder along with everything included in the zip file) and click open.

4. It will have you save a modified .z64 rom, DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME HERE or it will mess up the file extension, just save it in a folder you can easily access, and if you want the change the name in the folder without changing the .z64 file extension, it will be safe to do so.

5. Open up the GoldenEye/Perfect Dark optimized version of 1964(n64 emulator) and make sure in the Plugins > Change Plugins … And make sure "Use RSP Plugin" is checked.

Optional: If you're using Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6.1 plugin, in the Video Settings … Make sure you have Super2xSal textures unchecked and hit Apply and OK because Super2xSal textures seem to make the graphics look like poo. You don't want the graphics to look like poo, do you?
Windowed Resolution should be 1024x768 and Full Screen Resolution should be 1366x768 for best gameplay experience.

6. If you see the rom on the list of your rom folder, which you should make a folder that's just for roms, double click the rom file name and it will play, or go into File > Open ROM and you can choose to open the file like that.

Hit Alt+Enter to go into and to exit full screen mode when you start the rom as soon as you see the title screen.

Legal disclaimer: If you want to share this rom hack with people, only share the zip, and not the modified rom. GoldenEye 007 is copyrighted material, and I do not own it. Do not sell this rom hack or the rom itself, or you will likely be sued by people richer than you, which would really suck, so don't do that!

I made no money off this hack, it was all for fun, and it will stay that way. The best things in life are FREE! Good luck with your Master Agent experience, and if you think the ROM hack is too hard… Well… I have some advice for you. Git gud! Easy games are for kids. This game hack is for Master 00 Agents. ;)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and feel free to continue to modify this rom hack as you see fit if you don't think Master Agent is hard enough. Or if you want to challenge me with your own version of Master Agent.
I hope I inspire you to be creative!

-Pale Horse

Questions and bug/error reports? Email me: moc.liamnotorp|tnegaretsam700eyenedlog#moc.liamnotorp|tnegaretsam700eyenedlog

Debugging info:

Original Bugs:

  • Aztec: Texture issue caused after credits making smoke look square and unnatural. (Low priority, Original only?)

Beta Bugs:

  • Facility: Scientist gets stuck in desk in final lab room near door decoder door. (Low priority)
  • Statue: Siberian Guard holds his D5K/MP5 in a funny way in level end cutscene. (Low priority)

Resolved Bugs(Original):

  • Surface 1 & Surface 2: Texture issue near welded access hatch. (Low priority)

[Only happens if you change music tracks! ROM mod damage is permanent, and must be remodded from original if glitch occurs.]

  • Frigate: Unable to complete mission on higher difficulty due to invisible and inaccessible bridge bomb that cannot be defused, will still explode if computers shot. Storage room body armor is invisible but can still be collected. (High priority)

[Floated C4 and moved up with tool.]
[Alternative Fix: Used "Frigate Corbin Fix" on August 10, 2019 at 8:30 AM to fix the bomb issue. Move computer forward til C4 can be seen, then make bomb object float in air with object editor, rotate and reposition C4 to face away from window, move C4 out of the way and put computer back where it was, then place C4 under computer at base, you will have to look down or back up til C4 is in your sight but close enough to use bomb defuser to defuse the C4. Armor issue fixed by moving metal box.]

  • Statue: Unable to edit due to strange path/preset error. (High priority)

[Fixed by deleting Path 00 with no issues.]

  • Egypt: Unable to edit due to Golden Gun and Golden Bullet box turning invisible, both can still be picked up by player. (Medium priority)

[Floated Golden Gun and Golden Bullet Box and moved up with tool.]


File nameFile typeSize
ge007mav1.pngPNG image data556.9 kBInfo
GoldenEye 007 Master Agent Version 1.zipZip archive data842.59 kBInfo


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