NGPA Edition 1.0
NGPA Edition 1.0
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Author: GE Master, Zoinkity, and SubDrag

Date: August 23, 2007

Category: GE Misc


August 22, 2007

GoldenEye 007 NGPA Edition 1.0

National GoldenEye Players Association brings you the essential GoldenEye multiplayer experience! Special thanks to SubDrag and Zoinkity and their amazing GoldenEye Setup Editor which made this all possible.

Essential Links:

Here is what you get:

1. New Custom Multiplayer Characters
2. Zoinkity’s Dr. No! Cheat (no body armor)
3. All Multiplayer Maps Unlocked
4. New Weapon Combinations
5. All Multiplayer Maps Playable with up to 4 players
6. Default “Auto Aim OFF Sight ON” Setting
7. NGPA Official LTK mode
8. No music in multiplayer levels.
9. Enhanced “One Minute Left” warning

1. New Custom Multiplayer Characters

No more excuses! Up to 4 players can now play as Oddjob, Jaws, Bond, Naval Officer, Russian Infantry, Janus Marine, Terrorist, . In addition, you can play bond in the level costumes like parkas from Surface and costumes from Frigate, Archives, and Jungle! Play the goofy looking Biker also with the goggles and hat!

2. Zoinkity’s Dr. No!

This is possibly the greatest Gameshark cheat for GoldenEye multiplayer fans. This cheat is added in the GoldenEye cheat menu. Look for “Dr. No!” You can simply turn it ON which means no body armor in any multiplayer levels! One click and no armor. Period! Brilliant.

3. All Multiplayer Maps Unlocked

They are all there for your enjoyment! No single player unlocks needed.

4. New Weapon Combinations

Experience the top custom weapon combinations. The classic and essential weapon combinations are still there, but now you can take GoldenEye multiplayer to the next level. Never played these before? How about seeing the Phantom, Hunting Shotgun, Silver PP7, and Hunting Knife in multiplayer!

- Rockets = All Rockets
- Grenade Launchers = All Grenade Launchers
- Sniper Rifles = All Shotguns
- Grenades = Explosives (silverpp7, golden gun, rcp90,remote mines)
- Lasers = Lasers
- Pistols = Pistols
- Remote Mines = Remote Mines
- Power Weapons = Power Weapons
- Proximity Mines = AR33 + Proximity Mines (ar33,proximity mines)
- Timed Mines = Exotics (hunting knife,silverpp7,hunting shotgun,timed mines)
- Slappers Only! = Golden Gun Fun (golden gun, rockets)
- Golden Gun = All Phantoms
- Throwing Knives = All Dostoveis

5. All Multiplayer Maps Playable with up to 4 players

Remember being locked out of Bunker, Archives, Caverns and Egyptian in multiplayer with 4 players? Well, no more! Play them all with 2-4 players.

6. Default “Auto Aim OFF Sight ON” Setting

You don’t need to change this ever again. Well, actually you can’t change it! Play the game with official NGPA settings.

7. NGPA Official LTK mode

Normally in GoldenEye multiplayer LTK mode, weapon hits counted as kills. Well, forget about that now! To use NGPA Official LTK mode, you need to set your Health to -10, which will activate License To Kill mode. Weapon hits won’t count as kills!

8. No music in multiplayer levels

Allow yourself the pleasure of listening to Propellerheads while playing GoldenEye multiplayer! No music will also provide better online performance. Enjoy!

9. Enhanced One Minute Left warning

In those intense games, don't miss the warning! It now reads "One^Minute^Left" Trust me, you will never miss the warning now!

—- Have Fun! GE Master


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