Rideable Jeep
Rideable Jeep
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Author: Mark Kane

Date: May 17, 2009

Category: GE Misc


Driveable Jeep.

Details: This model has been a headache since I started working on it. Nearly every offset has been modified to handle a custom model exported using the GE editor as I couldn't get tyres to work using the tank setup. However, with that said, it's now possible to make ANYTHING into a Tank (as the learning curve has shown). I had a few requests to make a jeep, so here it is. Sorry about the scruffyness of it, but it's been a battle to get it this far given the "bastard" nature of the process used to generate it.

Bugs: There is an errant polygon where the back of the windscreen was supposed to be. I don't know why this is here and haven't been able to track it down. I don't consider it a problem as the windscreen was opaque anyway. All of the textures used have been written into the precache section of the object file (I've really gone all out with this one) and the tank textures removed - however, there are still some texturing issues on the chassis itself. This is also a bit larger than the standard tank file (it contains more vertex data) so might not fit into just any slot. I reccomend using the 21990 editor to put the model into the game - it hasn't been tested using the Rom conversion tool as I expect it'll crash.

Useage: For use in place of the standard tank model. This hasn't been teasted on a backup unit, but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work. Scale should be set to "A0" instead of "114" to give more favourable collision hulls and driving height.

Notes: This is a cosmetic change only - it doesn't drive like a car, or sound like a car, but it's fun to look at. I've developed a few tools in QBasic for use editing files, now these aren't simple and easy to use things, but if you'd like a copy and a breif description of how they work, drop us a line.


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