Locker Parts
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Author: Wreck

Date: May 25th, 2021

Category: GE Model Templates

Type: Prop

Models: Locker Parts
Type: Object
Source: GoldenEye (modified)
Contributor: Wreck
Date: May 25th, 2021

The lockers found in GoldenEye, but new versions created to allow actual use of them. There is the "lockerbody", which features an interior with a middle shelf, as well as both versions of the locker door to choose from. Also, in order to make these usable lockers blend in better with the normal ones, I've made edits to those. It's recommend that you replace the originals with these. Since the locker body + door combo is higher poly, you should only use them where needed, and place the regular solid ones for those you cannot open. Set these things to invincible to avoid any potential weirdness.

Open up your ROM in the Model Editor menu, select "Object" type from the list, and choose the prop model in which you want to replace. After clicking "Edit", click on the "Import Model Template" button on the upper left of the menu. From this window, choose the model template file. Should another window then pop up asking you to choose a ROM to save as (since new textures may be added), either select an existing one, or else type in a new name, then save. Once the model has finished importing, simply click "Inject into ROM and Update" to save your ROM again. If you do not inject the file into ROM, it will not be saved into it. This will replace the original GE object with the new one, and it will be ready to use in your custom setups.

The doors can be a little finicky to place. You need to make sure there is enough room in between the door and any object, next to or behind it, so that it can open freely without being obstructed. Their elevation may not match between the Visual Window in the Editor, and in game. You will probably need to shift them up a bit so that they align properly. You should convert your locker body object type to 2B Safe, and for any item stored within, set them up in a 2C Object in Safe entry. Otherwise, you can pick up said item just by rubbing up against the locker. Finally, whichever door is not meant to open (upper or lower), make that one into a 03 Standard type object, and do not have collisions set on it. You may have difficulties picking up any items inside if you do not.


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