Almond Temple
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Author: Cyberen

Date: July 29, 2007

Category: Multi Levels

Level: Almond Temple 1.1


Level: Almond Temple
Modified Level: Archives
Author: Cyberen

Date: July 29th, 2007
Edited: April 1st, 2018 (by Wreck)

A completely new and unique GoldenEye level, testing ramps and allowing for very close knit combat. It contains Banjo-Kazooie textures, but only one room. The level and texturing was all made by Cyberen, and the port to GE was by SubDrag.

Edit notes…
Decreased -ma memory for background data to load console.
Removed collisions flag from weapons.
Included flag tag token.
Changed one spawn location.
Removed extra portals from background file.
Deleted excess data leftover from previous background file.
Relinked clipping and object pads.
Added starting weapon as unarmed.
Added arm type as Jungle (bare skin).
Access to Archives multi on new file.
Renamed Archives multi as Almond Temple.
All multi characters unlocked.
Now uses random music track instead of Archives theme.


File nameFile typeSize
almondtemple[cyberen].zipZip archive data86.18 kBInfo
image.jpgJPEG image data74.43 kBInfo


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