Bunker 1 Multi
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Author: Wreck

Date: July 9, 2007

Category: Multi Levels

Level: Bunker 1


[GoldenEye 007 Custom Level]

Level: Bunker i Multiplayer Modified Level: Bunker i (Using the Statue Multiplayer Setup File - ROM)

Author: Wreck [ac.ocegoc|kcerw#ac.ocegoc|kcerw]

Date: September 28, 2006

GameShark Codes Required for Console: 9 lines.
The following codes must be activated in order for the stage to load. They modify the multiplayer level select menu, changing the Random slot into Bunker i. Other codes deactivate the weather in the stage, which once belonged to another multiplayer map. Be sure to have these codes turned ON before starting the game.

"Bunker i Multi"
8102B074 9CA6
8102B076 9CA7
8102B07C 0000
8102B07E 0009
8104559E 0000
810455FA 0000
81045656 0000
811663EC 0012
811663EE 3638

Comments: Select the Bunker i from the multiplayer level select menu and customize your options as you like. It'll only take a few short seconds to start up. There are six respawn points, six weapon sets, two body armours and the Flag Tag Token. Also included are all of the doors, monitors, a few metal crates and the glass pane.

Framerate here is pretty strong, even with all 4-Players playing at once. The only times you may notice a drop in frames, is either when three or more players are in tight quarters, or when there is a full-on fire-fight in the main viewing room. You can expect the same results from this map as you are used to in Bunker ii.

There are no blackouts in this level, but you may notice a place or two where it will flicker the odd time. The stairwell to the main viewing room and the helipad entrance walkway are the two most common. These visual problems last only long enough for you to barely catch a glimpse of and will disappear before you even realize it.

A graphical error may occur while playing this stage. If two or more of the players die in such a way that each one has blood running down their screens at the same time, the level may temporarily experience an explosive rendering error. Sometimes this will even happen if only two of the characters are slightly injured. This will most likely occur in battles involving any type of explosive weapon. Once this happens, you will notice a change in any further flame and smoke produced by rockets, grenades, mines, freshly destroyed monitors, and even bullet holes. The flame will flicker in and out, while the intitial smoke will be a thick white, appearing in a vent grate like image, randomly flashing in different locations. The after effect smoke will also have a squared look to it, rather than circular. This rendering error will continue to persist as long as the level is being played. Although this does not hinder actual gameplay, it can be an annoyance. Simply exit and re-enter to resolve this problem.


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