Car Park Multiplayer
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Author: Zoinkity

Date: August 16, 2007

Category: Multi Levels

Level: Car Park


Car Park (Goldeneye) version 1.1

Apply this patch to change Archives into Car Park, a multiplayer stage from Perfect Dark. The patch is emulator and backup-device friendly. Sorry, still trying to cook up an uploaded GS version… Apply this to an *unbyteswapped* ROM - V64 users should byteswap the entire file after applying the patch.

The stage is a direct port from Perfect Dark; many thanks to Wreck and SubDrag for converting the background file. All twelve spawn points are retained, and all weapon locations are selected from the original - albeit the types of weapons and items collected differ slightly. The stage scale has been tampered with though to allow players to run past each other in the stairwells and to properly implement falling from ledges.

Players can fall off of the platform ledges in each room. There may be a small amount of resistance when doing so, though. Players can also climb onto the bottom half of each ramp from the side.

There are two known exploits, both deriving from the ledges. Players and objects are either at the top of the ledge or the bottom. A player can rest on the edge of a ledge and sneak back and forth along the tile divisions to 'jump' up and down. This is why they made explosives ;*)
The other has to do with ammo boxes. If a player shoots an ammo box off of a ledge but not far enough to register on the floor it will only be collectable if a player runs from the top of the ledge. You can also shoot the box and juggle it in the air, which usually will allow a player on the floor to collect it. The box has to be nearly along the wall to do this however, and you'd need a bit of time and ammo to do it anyway.

Feel free to email if you have any feedback, bug reports, or if you're just interested how you do a one-way connection

version 1.1
revised one clockwise tile (aegh!)
set clear on all doors
scale modification


File nameFile typeSize
carpark[zoinkity].zipZip archive data388.96 kBInfo
image.jpgJPEG image data39.07 kBInfo


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