Caves Control 1.1
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Author: 00dark

Date: July 9, 2007

Category: Multi Levels

Level: Caves


Level: Caves Control
Modified Level: Caves
Author: 00dark

Date: July 9th, 2007
Edited: April 20th, 2018 (by Wreck)

A Caves modification with a lot of computers.

Edit notes…
Changed monitor rack type (crashed console).
Edited memory allocations.
Removed collisions flag on weapons.
Set weapon sizes to standard.
Changed weapon IDs to include Golden
Gun pickup. Added Flag Tag Token pickup.
Fixed monitor screen flicker.
Changed arm type to Jungle (bare skin).
Renamed level as Caves Control.
All characters available on new file.


File nameFile typeSize
cavescontrol[00dark].zipZip archive data72.48 kBInfo
image.jpgJPEG image data51.52 kBInfo


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