Complex Walkway
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Author: Zoinkity

Date: May 22, 2009

Category: Multi Levels

Level: Complex


Complex Walkway
These patches add a walkway into Complex not found in GoldenEye but familiar to those who played Perfect Dark. The walkway allows better flow through the stage.

Use only the patch designed for your region. Be certain the ROM is unbyteswapped. It will not be necessary to recalculate the checksum.
refwalk-NGEE.ips North America
refwalk-NGEJ.ips Japanese
refwalk-NGEP.ips PAL (Europe)


The source folder contains the modified binaries uncompressed so you can use them for your own purposes. If you wish, you can place them in the editor's directories to make this the default output for the stage. If you do, you'll probably want to either rename or make a backup of the original files. The files would go here:
5E0F90.bin \BGDataFull
878BA0.bin \Clipping
5E4C58.bin \WallData\Ump_setuprefZ


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File nameFile typeSize
ComplexWalkway.rarRAR archive data46.79 kBInfo
image.jpgJPEG image data40.26 kBInfo


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