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Author: Entropy Soldier

Date: July 13, 2009

Category: Multi Levels

Level: Archives


Name: Compound
Replaces: Archives Multi
Created By: Entropy Soldier

A unique multi map designed so the players will be continually in a firefight, Compound features a 4 floor central structure (Basement, Ground floor, second floor, plus the roof) and a surrounding area.

Split up into 10 rooms to enhance performance, this map was created entirely in the hammer editor. Includes 8 weapon spawns and 8 spawn points, so you always spawn near a weapon.

I also decided to throw in my beta logo…in all its glitchy glory.

Q: Where's the body amour?
There is no body amour.

Q: Why is the railing black?
It needs to be a secondary indice, however I don't know how to make them. Please do not report this as a bug. It will be fixed in the next (and hopefully final) release.

Q: Why is there a locked door in the basement?
Because its for the solo mission.

Q: Two versions?
Yeah, i wasn't sure which one pople would prefer.

Included Files:





Special Thanks:
Anyone involved in the creation of the editor,
Wreck for misc assistance
Shootersforever forums for recommendations and help
#GoldenEyeOnline Chat for support / distracting me from working on this, but then inspiring a desire to work on it even more.


If you have any questions, found a bug, or would like to make a suggestion, feel free to post on the GEvault page or PM me on the forums!
Join us on the chat if you're interested in Goldeneye hacking / map making. (I use the alias E-S there)


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