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Author: Zoinkity

Date: February 27, 2011

Category: Multi Levels



Labyrinth, ported from TWINE

Yep, ported. Eurocom has a unique telemetry storage system which builds display lists at runtime, and this stage was rebuilt for GE using the same data. So, really, the stage was recompiled. The textures were directly placed within the wrapper GE uses for its data. The portals are a direct copy of TWINE's, as is the relative scale factor (keep in mind TWINE characters are slightly smaller). As far as geometry, the only change was omitting TWINE's static sky model and building a comparable one for GE.

Even the setup file is relatively untouched. The spawn positions and weapon pickup locations have not changed. Body armor is at the "gadget" location in the center of the map. In fact, the setup was only ammended slightly due to a lack of ammo boxes, rotation factors, and ai set data.

Simply apply either the ips or the xdelta patch to an unbyteswapped North American (NGEE) GoldenEye ROM.



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