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Author: Ryanoasis

Date: March 28, 2009

Category: Multi Levels

Level: Stack/Basement/Library


Library, Basement, and Stack moddified to be more like a maze with action blocks (warping,traps,doors), random breakable glass and image replacements.
There are 2 traps in the level:

  • one in the basement (with 2 ways of getting out)
  • one on the uppper level.

To get an idea as to what does what see the images in the directory: points-of-interest/
Map Type: Multiplayer only.
Tested on Emulators: Mupen64k .7.9 (online 2 player) and Project64 1.6
Gameshark codes required: none

=project phases=

  • turn the library into a "maze"
  • add action blocks in multiplayer (traps and tweaking of KCGHost's warp bond AB)
  • randomize which glass is breakable throughout the level
  • split the proper objects from Library into Stack and Basement (per Flopper's instructions)
  • Image modifications (due to boredom of looking at the exact same level)
  • Creation of the golden bars

=files included=

  • IPS file
  • text mod files, including LmiscE text diff file
  • Action blocks output file
  • bins for all 3 levels (library, basement, stack)
  • images used for replacing
  • readme and level snap shots

=known issues=

  • cannot determine the player that activates the warp action block and thus it teleports almost randomly
  • after a player dies (first death of the match) the counter for the warp does not display but it will still make the player wait 15 seconds from last use
  • "alarms" in the basement were not meant to be able to be activated if door is in a players way but if close enough some of them the player can activate
  • when a player warps and others are dead and at the "press start" screen the text for warping will not display
  • destroyed tagged objects may take some time to regenerate
  • doors that are open by default that are activated will not return to open by default but will stay open for quite a long time
  • there is some lag in the rooms with the gold bars thus they are not loaded on 3 player and 4 player matches.
  • text replacement: because of the text msgs to properly display always I used the top display text. See LmiscE.diff for comparison.

This project started simply for my own learning experience but I later had a desire to release something.
I wanted to turn the library into a maze with glass. This first iteration was completed some time ago but I kept taking way too much time away from this and made the development much longer. Much thanks to Subdrag for pointing me in the right direction of Zoinkity's help file (which was always a good reference), Flopper for telling me how to split up the objects into different bin files and thus making this more like a 3 level release. Thanks to gri007, Jtek, Speedruntrainer for helping me test. Also thanks to everyone on the shootersforever boards for comments.



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